Current Top 5 Picks “For the Birds”

The garden gift shop at All Seasons is now “for the birds!” We hope that makes you giggle! We now have a fully stocked “birdhouse” of sorts, with all the goodies for your feathered friends. Here are our current Top 5 favorites!

  1. Bird Wild Bird Feast.
    This circular nearly 2lbs of feed is a no mess and never melt favorite for wild birds! It pairs perfectly with the Mr. Bird’s EZFeederor any cylinder feeder.
    Wild Bird FEast


  1. Double Seed Buffet Tray.
    This window feeder will bring birds to within inches of you, the curious viewer, and they are the easiest of any feeders to clean! Kids will LOVE watching the birds without the threat of disturbing them. The strength of the suction cup mounting system surprises even veteran birders. Two types of seed can be used in this feeder for a true “bird buffet!” Both trays are easy to remove and clean.
    Window Feeder


  1. Suet/Fruit Feeder.
    This heavy gauge wire- holds up for years of use, and holds popular size suet cake or raw suet and/or fruit. Suet attracts: woodpeckers, titmice, mockingbirds, catbirds, chickadees, bluebirds, nuthatches, and blue jays. Fruit attracts: orioles, tanagers, and mockingbirds.
    Suet Feeder


  1. Bird Bugs, Nuts & Fruit.
    This delicious (for the birds) mix is another no mess and never melt cylinder treat for Mr. Birds EZFeeder or another cylinder feeder. With mealworms, treenuts, sunflower hearts, peanuts, raisins and cranberries, you will surly see a flurry of feathers!
    Bugs Nuts Fruit


  1. Hummble Basic Feeder.
    This simple, yet elegant bird feeder adds a beautiful touch to any yard, patio or garden, making it the perfect gift for yourself or any bird lover! The feeder without drainage is perfect as a mealworm feeder, jelly or suet pellet container. It will attract many song birds such as Blue Birds, Orioles, Juncos, and many more depending on the season. Use a single feeder or link them to each other to feed a larger crowd! As a bonus, this feeder is made of recycled glass and metal!
    Hummble BAsic Feeder