Fairy Garden Fun


Want to bring a little whimsy to your garden? A fairy garden can do just that.  Create a magical space for your kids or just for you.  Follow these simple steps to create your very own fairy creation. This could be a great summer project for kids home from school!

  1. Select a Container

Be Creative! You can use a variety of things to hold your creation.  The more unique the better.  Think about what theme you would like to create and choose a container that will go with it! Make sure to install a drainage hole if the container you chose does not already have one.

Tip: If you are using a wooden container or something that can be damaged by water, slap on a coat of waterproofing or lay down a sheet of plastic inside before planting just to be safe.  Just make sure the drainage holes stay open. 

  1. Design Your Project If this is a family project, enlist your kids to draw some ideas of what they want in their garden.  If it’s a solo project, do the same yourself.  Bring your design to life on paper before planting and decorating.  It will be much easier to purchase your supplies if you have a plan.
  2. Choose Your Plants Consider the scale, color and water needs of the plants you are considering before purchasing anything.  Remember that fairies are small so don’t overdo it with large plants.  An easy way to choose plants is to coordinate flower colors with your accessories.  Fairy gardens look great with moss which like sun to part shade and like to be watered often.  Make sure to select other plants with similar needs. We have a large selection of terrarium/fairy garden plants! Visit the greenhouse!


  1. Plant Your Fairy Garden! It’s time to plant your garden.  Fill your container with potting soil.  Lay the plants where they will go in the container and get to planting.  Next, lay out the moss.  Use as little or as much as you want to cover the soil.  Moss can be cut with a sharp knife, so can be laid out easily.    Then place your accessories and finally your fairies.   Once your accessories are in place, you may need to add a little more moss for a realistic look.  The result is a totally customized fairy garden for you and your family to enjoy!