1. Purple/Black/Dark Color/Gold Petunias and/or Pansies
    Petunias and Pansies offer a spectacular color show with vibrate, dramatic blooms, especially when planted in mass groupings. Plant one of these colors in full sun for a spooky, Halloween theme container garden or flowerbed.
  1. Black or White Bat Flower
    white bat flower
    This highly unusual flower arrangement is sure to cause “oohs” with its flower head held about 3 ft high. Amazingly, the thick purple whiskers that emanate from within the flower are so long that that can sometimes reach the ground! This is the perfect plant to place on your front porch to excite trick-r-treaters.
  1. Bat Face Cuphea
    Named for its resemblance to a bat: the dark purple flower is the face and the red lobes are the ears! This is a showy addition to your Halloween color border since masses of unique “bat” flowers shower this colorful shrub over a long season.
  1. Bleeding Heart
    This beauty is covered with attractive deeply veined, ovate leaves and eye-catching red and white flowers that bloom profusely from spring through fall. Made up of snowy white calyxes, the blooms are somewhat heart-shaped.
  1. Dutchman’s Pipe
    Resembling the eye of an ogre, this vine’s blooms will haunt your Halloween garden!
    Growing it requires a trellis or vertical structure to support the twining stems and wide foliage, so consider the décor of a vertical attraction- like a Haunted House!
  1. Ornamental Pepper (Wicked)
    This variety of ornamental pepper is “wicked” indeed with its obese peppers and foliage. It sure turn heads!
  1. Ornamental Pepper (Chilly Chili)

    “Come closer my pretty…” Create a witch-themed garden with this claw-like/witch fingernail-looking variety of ornamental pepper!
  1. Ornamental Pepper (Black Olive)
    Plant this deep purple, almost black ornamental pepper variety next to bright orange pumpkins for a Halloween color themed container garden or flowerbed! From the road, these colors howl “Happy Halloween!”
  1. Ornamental Pepper (Hot Pops)
    This variety of ornamental pepper looks like “cher” mini pumpkins, and will look fall-tastic next to dark-colored foliage petunias in a mixed container to welcome trick-r-treaters looking for a sweet snack.
  1. Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick
    This unique shrub is perfect for Halloween with its interesting gnarled and twisted branches. As a bonus, it offers terrific fall foliage color and showy greenish-yellow catkins brighten the winter scene.
  1. Marigold
    Marigolds in bright orange and/or yellow will enhance any Halloween garden! Plant in mass groupings for a spooky spectacular color show for the orange-themed holiday.
  1. Ornamental Grasses
    Ornamental grasses not only add a sense of completion to a fall garden, but they make great hair for pumpkin people, witches, zombies or any other creepy creature you want to enhance your theme!
  1. Leatherleaf Mahonia
    With spikey leaves, and a “don’t touch me” look, this plant will scare anyone willing to get too close! It’s a pretty landscape addition that boasts golden yellow flowers in spring, followed by blue-black clusters of grape-like berries.