Items Required:
Large-Medium Pumpkin
Your choice of potted plant for “hair”
Carving Utensils

Click Here for Templates


  1. Cut along dashed lines to separate your pumpkin face pieces. Also cut out the corresponding top lid template that matches the sized potted plant you’re using for “hair.”
  1. Cut the inside of the lid template out so that you have a ring that will fit around the pumpkin stem.
  2. Trace around the lid template and then cut out the lid. Scrape out all pumpkin pulp and seeds.
  1. Test fit your potted plant to ensure a good fit. Cut a bigger lid if necessary for the best fit. If you accidently cut the lid too large and the plant falls inside the pumpkin, stick toothpicks in the walls of the lid to hold the potted plant in place.
  1. Tape your face pieces into position on the front of your pumpkin, placing the eyes further apart will better hide the pot once it’s inside your pumpkin.
  2. Begin to cut out only the parts that are marked “carve out.”
  1. Remove remnants of template and insert your potted plant into the lid.

Helpful Tips: To make your “Jack-O-Plantern” last longer, coat all carved flesh pieces with Vaseline. When not on display, store your pumpkin in a garbage bag in the refrigerator. When your pumpkin begins to shrink, you may re-hydrate it by soaking it in a sink filled with water. After you’re done with your pumpkin you can transplant your foliage into your garden to enjoy year-round!