The Benefit of Keeping a Worm Bin

Don’t throw food scraps away, feed them to your worms. Food scraps thrown away with the garbage end up

in our landfills. Why not get rid of food scraps a more natural way by feeding them to worms? Not only will

you be keeping it out of the landfill but the worm castings created by worms can be used as a great nutrient

rich amendment to your soils or made into compost tea for fertilizing your indoor and outdoor plants! It’s an

easy and inexpensive way to do something good for mother earth.

A Healthy Worm is a Happy Worm

Worms like cool damp conditions. Your worms will thrive and multiply if their basic living conditions are met. Make sure the bedding doesn’t dry out. Worms need moisture to breathe.

Moisten strips of newspaper until they feel like a wrung-out sponge. If your bin becomes too wet simply toss

in some shredded newspaper to absorb the moisture. If your bin begins to dry out mist it lightly.

Temperature is another factor to consider. Make sure the area where you keep your worms stays within a

moderate temperature. Keep the bin away from heating and cooling vents. You can keep worms inside your house. Don’t let the worms freeze in winter or get too hot in summer. You can bring them inside or in the garage/shed. In summer, a simple box fan goes a long way on those 100-degree + days.

Tips on Feeding Worms

Don’t feed the worms too much at first, as they multiply you can begin to feed them more and more.

Freezing and thawing food breaks down food enzymes and allows worms to eat and digest more quickly. The more your worms eat and digest the more worm castings you will harvest. This also means your bin will smell nicer due to less organic matter sitting around waiting to be eaten by the worms. Another idea is to bury food for the worms. This limits the smell and any fruit flies.

What to Feed Worms:
Coffee grounds and tea leaves
Crushed eggshells
Dry Cornmeal, the occasional sprinkle
Fruits of all sorts, except citrus
Oatmeal and other cooked grains 
Wet bread and pastas
Chopped vegetable matter, raw or cooked

 Don’t Feed Worms:
Citrus of any sort
Dairy or milk
Salty processed food