November To Do List

Want to enjoy the mums you purchased this fall again next year? You can! After their flowering season this year, cut them back far enough to remove all the faded flowers, (about 1/4 their height) and plant them in the landscape.


-Check your yard for Sod Webworms, hundreds of moths ready to destroy your yard. We have a product to combat; come see us.

-Plant hardy trees, shrubs, ground covers and vines.

-Plant spring flowering bulbs (except for tulips & hyacinths, which must be refrigerated and planted in late December/early January).

-Watch azaleas for lace bugs. Control with a horticultural oil spray or one of our recommended products.

-Build a compost pile. Leaves, grass, and remains from a veggie garden are great components.

-Plant cool season annuals. Pansies are a great choice now that night-time temps will hopefully stay around 65 degrees.