Be Tool Ready for Spring

Are you finding it hard to concentrate? Is your mind filled with thoughts of warm sunny days? Does your internet search history include phrases such as “How do I prune my hydrangea?”, “When can I start planting flowers?”, and “How do I clean my gardening tools?”. You have a classic case of gardening fever! Not to worry though, we are here to help! First step, figure out which tools you need and how to get them ready for spring pruning.

Whether you’re a beginning gardener or an old pro, with so many tools out there, sometimes it’s confusing to know which tool to use where. Here’s a list of some of our favorite tools and tips on how to use them.


Bypass Hand Pruners

Best choice for close, clean cuts of live branches. Unless they’re small, dead wood branches tend to get stuck in the blades and can be a real pain to work with. ‘Bypass’ pruners come in several sizes but the smaller sizes are good for deadheading roses and smaller flowers.


Bypass Loppers

Great for large, healthy branches up to 2” in caliper. Longer handles give you better leverage with less effort.


Anvil Pruners and Loppers

These have a flat ledge that the blade passes by when pruning. Anvil pruners and loppers work well for dead wood because the jaws don’t jam up the way they can do with ‘bypass’ pruners and loppers.


Hand Saws

Great for living or dead wood. Usually used on anything a ‘lopper’ can’t cut. Flex those muscles!


Hedge Shears

Designed to cut larger areas at once. They do tend to create long and straight edges so they work really well for straight sided formal hedges but are tougher to use on rounded shapes.


Pole Pruners

Good for taller branches that are hard to reach from the ground. Use caution when using on a ladder.