How to Landscape with Plants Indigenous to Louisiana


Did you know many native Louisiana plants, such as irises and hardy hibiscus, are fantastic additions to the landscape? See our selection of native plants, and read this fantastic article that features one of our best native plant growers in the state, Rick Webb, our source for natives!

“Wholesale plant grower Rick Webb is a bit of a revolutionary when it comes to his topic: native shrubs and trees.

‘There are just so many questions,’ he said. ‘Native to where? And to when? Einstein had it right — it’s all about space and time…Paleobotanists have studied North American plants going back thousands of years. ‘For practical purposes, though, when I talk about native species, I am referring to plants that existed here before European colonization,’ Webb said.

…Among the shrubs and trees that Webb considers native are some familiar species: red maple, red buckeye, fringe tree, mayhaw, possumhaw holly and Southern wax myrtle.

‘A number of these plants are starting to show up at nurseries, and some landscape companies have begun using them,’ said Webb. ‘But I think it is important that we start to think not only about what plants to use in the landscape, but how they function.’

‘… Having a wide variety of plants makes the landscape more hospitable to wildlife and pollinators and adds four-season interest. The leaves of a deciduous azalea, for example, will yellow and provide fall color, before they drop for the winter. Then in the spring, the leafing out of the bare stems is breathtaking…’

By Stephanie Bruno, Special to the New Orleans Advocate

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