Endless Summer Series Hydrangeas: A Pick for Mom


With Mother’s Day looming, why wait until the last minute!?!? Here at All Seasons Nursery we make Mother’s Day shopping easy. Instead of giving mom a bouquet of cut flowers that will last a week, why not give her a plant that will give her cut flowers over and over!! Endless Summer Hydrangeas will bloom several times into the hotter months of summer. She can cut these huge blooms again and again. She can even change the color of the blooms by simply changing the soil pH from neutral or alkaline which will give her a pink bloom, to acidic which will give her a lavender to deep blue bloom.

Caring for Endless Summer Hydrangeas is relatively simple. When planting choose a spot that receives dappled sun to shade. These plants like moist, but not wet, soil so they will need to be watered regularly, especially as the temperature starts to rise. They are deciduous plants, which means in the winter time the foliage will turn brown after the first hard freeze. Simply strip the dead foliage off and leave the plant alone. You will see new buds forming in mid to late spring. You can use aluminum sulfate, coffee grinds, pine straw or Miracid to acidify the soil if your desired color of the bloom is lavender or blue. Leave the soil alone if you want it to be pink.

There are a few varieties in the Endless Summer series to choose from:

Try any variety of Endless Summer Hydrangea and you (AND MOM) will be more than delighted with the results. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!