Visit a Tropical Paradise by Stepping Outside

Beautiful Tropical Plants For Backyard | Rolitz And also Garden Ideas Tropical

Although we complain when it starts to warm up, it is the heat that allows us to grow some of the most amazing plants – blooming tropicals! These plants can be planted in your landscape or containers while taking our heat and bloom all summer long!

We define tropicals as woody stem shrubs and vines that perform at their peak when it’s hot and humid. There are lots of plants that fit this description; by far the three at the top of the list are Hibiscus, Bougainvillea and Mandevilla. These beauties come in an array of exotic colored flowers. They bloom either perpetually or in cycles from at least May through September. Other popular tropicals include Ixora, Allamanda, Jatropha, Cordyline, Shrimp Plant and Bird of Paradise.

Unlike most other plants, the heat actually makes these plants actively grow, so you can plant them well into the summer and have them thrive!

Tip: Since these plants grow and bloom in the hottest time of the year, proper fertilization is important for optimum plant health and performance. Ask us for the right products, and we’ll point you in the direction of success.

Do yourself a favor and create a Backyard Paradise with tropicals in your landscape and relax just like you would if you were on a tropical vacation.