There May be a Fungus Among Us



Fungus- they wait until the conditions are prime, then they attack!
What are the prime conditions? One can define the right conditions in which fungus and diseases thrive as our Louisiana summers – hot temperatures with high humidity! Add days after days of rain, not allowing a drying out period, and prime conditions are met! That means you’re going to have to deal with plenty of disease and fungus on plants and lawns.
Here are the three best products we have found to deal with most fungi and diseases that will occur on plants in our area.

  • Liquid Systemic Fungicide II – Works to prevent and cure most fungus on shrubs, roses and flowers.
  • F-Stop (liquid) – Works to cure fungus on berries, fruit trees, vegetables and lawns.
  • F-Stop (granule) – Works to cure fungus, like brown patch, on lawns. For best results always follow labeled directions.

Pay attention to the plants you know you have had problems with in the past. Be ready to treat those.

Not sure you have a fungus? Bring in a sample of the suspect leaves, and one of our experts will diagnose your problem and show you the best solution for it!