Top 10 “Sun”sational Summer Succulent Varieties

Kalanchoe pumila – Flower Dust Plant

This creeping, silver-grey groundcover is a gem in hanging baskets! Sporting pink flowers to accent the ashy, silver leaves, it can take the heat but is also hardy enough to survive light freezes. It will love to be in a dry hanging basket, requiring a fraction of the water of conventional annuals.

Crassula arborescens – Silver Dollar Jade

Looking much like a traditional jade plant, but the giant, plump leaves are silver lined with red! Jade plants are slow-growing but get quite large, so they are worth putting time into. They are impressive when fully mature! Jades are tolerant of bright, indirect light, so they can be grown indoors in a sunny room!

Cotyledon orbiculata ‘Silver Peak’ – Silver Peak Pig’s Ears
CotyledonSilver Peak

This plant may have an unfortunate common name, but is is a gem. The silvery leaves are lined with red on the margins, and they are capable of throwing out loads of orange tubular blooms. It makes a great container plant and is hardy through a light freeze, but is probably best brought in on cold nights.

Portulacaria afra – Elephant Bush
An upright, shrubby succulent with reddish stems, and glossy, dime-sized leaves, Elephant Bush make great bonsai plants! Like all other succulents, they are very easy to care for, and naturally take on an interesting shape, though these can be trimmed into almost any bonsai style you can imagine!

Crassula pubescens ssp. radicans – Red Carpet Jade

Maturing at only 6 inches high, but capable of spreading to a couple of feet in diameter, this is another great choice for a low-water hanging basket. These plants are bright red, or striped with red, and tolerant of less than full sun. They are root hardy to the upper 20’s.

xMangave – Mission to Mars Mangave

This is a hybrid of several agaves with a manfreda plant, so it has the capability to be very cold hardy! Unlike your conventional agaves, however, this one is almost entirely covered with burgundy-red splotches. Be unique and grow a Mangave in your landscape!

Opuntia ellisiana – Thornless Prickly Pear Cactus

The prickly pear is one of the only true cacti that can be reliably grown outdoors in this climate. Skip the spines of the wild ones, and grow this thornless variety instead! These sun-loving plants can get 3-6 feet tall and wide, and are generally evergreen.

Sedum morganianum – Burro’s Tail

The Burro’s Tail is cute and easy to grow! It is a great accent for containers, or can be grown as a hanging basket. The silver, beanlike leaves fill in thickly on trailing stems. One of growers’ favorite things about Burro’s Tail is its ease of propagation. Many people simply break of little pieces on stem and lay them on the soil in their pots, where they will root themselves and grow with very little additional care.


We are not listing one variety of Echeveria here, because the great thing about these guys is their variety! They come in a number of leaf shapes, colors, and textures, from broad and glossy to velvety and rippled, in shades of red, green, blue, and purple. This is the classis filler seen in most succulent container gardens. We always carry a good variety; become a collector and get some today!


Haworthias are superficially similar to the Echeverias, but their color and form tends to be much more graceful and formal, with smooth leaves often bearing bold, parallel white lines. Haworthias are a wonderful accent in mixed succulent dishes.