Are Container Plants “Burning Up?”

Blue Daze - June 2009

No rain and extreme heat can cause many plants in containers to “burn up”.  Included in this are many plants that can usually grow in a sunny location with our summer heat.  Some plants are dropping buds and their blooms, others have scorch on their foliage and some are just curling up.  What can be done?

The best solution is to clean the plants by pinching or pruning them back below the scorched or damaged tops.

Then, if you haven’t recently,  fertilize them with a slow release granule fertilizer and deeply water.

Move the location of container plants into a shadier or less hot location.

The plants should begin to recover and start putting on new growth.  As the temperatures begin to moderate by mid to late September you can then move them back to their original location.

The final thing to remember about container gardening, especially during the summer, is that proper watering is crucial for success.  Plants in containers will always need to be watered more often than plants in the ground.