Think of ‘Falling’ Back in your Garden


Wow – cooler weather- a distant memory. But, yes, it is right around the corner!  Every August when we’ve had all we can take of the heat, think about three things:  the kids going back to school, football season and the fact that fall is just around the corner.

In the climate that we have here, fall is the BEST time to plant ALL shrubs, trees, perennials and turf-grasses.  The main reason why fall is even better to plant than spring is that your plants have longer to get established before they get to the most volatile intense season they will face… their first summer.  The extreme heat and humidity that we have in the summer coupled with periods of long dry spells or weeks of heavy rainfall can take its toll on all plants, but especially ones that lack root development.

So if you have been thinking about expanding your landscape, start planning now, so you’ll be ready for the fall.  Come into the nursery and do some scouting, ask questions and get advice from our professionals.

Always remember that the more information you have about the area you are going to plant, the better advice we can give.  Information like the direction the area faces, how much sun, the drainage of the area and any nuances about the spot will help us lead you in the right direction.

Remember the old saying, “The more you know, the better it will grow!”