September Gardening To Do List

September To Do List

-Re-fresh gardens with seasonal color and perennials for a fall show.

-Do not plant pansies until the night time temperatures are 65 degrees or lower.

-Plant a cool-season vegetable garden. Find out what and when to plant at

-Start a salad garden in the ground or containers.

-Plant bulbs for spring surprises! Planting is easy: dig, drop, done. We now have garlic and giant allium.

-Divide and transplant Louisiana irises and perennials. By splitting plants now and transplanting, you can move perennials and give them a strong foothold before the cold weather arrives. Make sure to water heavily the night before and keep new transplants moist until rooted in.

-Around mid-month, the ruby throated hummingbirds can be seen during their fall migration. Plant a treat for them! We have several choices.

-Hybrid tea roses may be pruned now to 18 or 30” tall to encourage a fall flush of blooms.

-Continue to water all plants.

-Install fresh sod. Water daily for the first week, and every other day for 3 more weeks. Water twice weekly until temperatures start to drop.

-Plant Mums when budding – before flowers are open – to enjoy the burst of full color all season.

-Fertilize plants. Cooler nights and warmer ground temperatures brings abundant root growth. We recommend our Espoma product line of organic fertilizers. These are non-burning, slow release foods that will help plants build up sugars to carry them through the upcoming winter months.

-Continue to harvest your garden vegetables. Freeze beans, corn and peppers. Trim and hang herbs to dry for winter use.

-Start a compost or keep perfecting it now in time to help enrich the soil for fall plantings.

-Mulch all plants in ground or containers to retain moisture and smother weed growth.

-Begin planting trees and shrubs. September is a great time to plant and update your existing landscaping. Plants put in ground during the fall get a strong start for spring next year!