Gems of Fall: Mums


Mums are the gems of fall. The come in a variety of colors and provide instant shape, fullness and fall flair. Combine them with a bale of hay, pumpkins, grasses and all kinds of fall goodies for a true show-stopping display.

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Mums fill the gardening gap between the end of the warm-season bedding plants and the true beginning for cool-season varieties. Mums are not year-round bloomers, so they may work best in the back of a flower bed. But, if situated properly, they will provide vibrate fall color for many years to come!

They perform well in full-partial sun. When they receive 6-8 hours of direct sun/day it’s ideal.

Before planting, properly prepare the landscape bed. Select a site protected from the north wind and other windy areas. Plant mums about 2 feet apart from each other. When they are too close, leggy and upright growth are the results. After planting, apply fertilizer and water it in. Mulch.

It’s important to avoid overhead watering because it will split the mums. Water from the base.

You can enjoy mums as normal perennials when following these notes. Remember that they will bloom according to the natural day length conditions, so will pop back up in late spring and fall.

-Keep soil moist through winter.

-Prune lightly a few times between late winter and the middle of spring.

-Keep mulch fresh.

-Maintain insect & disease management.

-Apply a slow release fertilizer in spring.