Low Maintenance Fall Showpiece


Thinking of planting a new garden bed or plants to add interest for the fall? Ornamental grasses have seen an increased popularity with good reason. They are versatile, carefree and so easy to grow with virtually few problems. A wide range of sizes makes them ideal for any landscape, large or small. Don’t forget about using them in container gardens as well!

A few short varieties at the front of the walkway or garden border can define and edge and give a nice contrast with many other plants. Each has their own unique character and can provide a nice flow between shrubs and perennials.

Ornamental grasses can wear many hats. They can be planted to create an interesting hedge or combined with evergreens to soften and give movement and grace to an already established area. Tall grasses are showstoppers that can stand alone or in a mass.

If you haven’t incorporated
ornamental grasses into your landscape, make this the fall you add a few!

It’s easy to reach for flowers and blooms when thinking combos, but today’s cacophony of color, texture and form in the ornamental grass world makes them ripe for the picking.

Containers of all walks, shapes and sizes offer a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with the right recipe and grasses offer just the right spice to be nice. No longer limited to landscapes, grasses grab interest, and potential.

To begin, surround yourself with the plants you like. Think of the store and the greenhouse as your art studio. Find your inspiration everywhere, from the shape of the plant to the color of the flower and the relationship to plant next to it. Experiment with the impact of color. Explore a modern aesthetic that’s at the same time warm, inviting and playful. Then grab some grasses and go!

Select Grasses That Play Off The Container

You may have heard that the form of the plants should mimic the shape of the pot, and that’s a great look. But, don’t discount the power of opposing forces either.

For example, when faced with a very traditional, formal container, you may be tempted to pot up a stiff, upright selection. But what happens if you pair it with something not sculptured, not formal?

Perhaps a grass that sways with movement in an upright, arching growth habit. The effect can be amazing. Use the container along with the flower and foliage for contrast. Think of the pot as a frame to a great piece of artwork.

Embrace The Many Colors Of Landscape Grasses

Remember, green is a color, even in the garden. Challenge the idea that you can only achieve color with flowers. Today’s huge range of striking grasses means you don’t have to rely strictly on flowers to achieve color. Green can evoke so many different effects and offers so many different shades to use in concert or in contrast.

A quick way to achieve this effect is to use variegated grasses.

Why Not Combine Different Grasses?

And don’t be afraid to use more than one grass in a container. Grasses are great focal points, but they can also be complementary to one another and act in partnership for high-interest, high-impact combinations.

The right ornamental grass is out there, with the palette of potential wide, long and open to possibilities. Alone or in combination, you’ll add a wealth of possibilities to your containers with grasses.