A Green Thumb Resolution


When we think of resolutions for 2019, we immediately think of losing weight, being more organized; or quitting smoking. What about making a resolution for better gardening/better garden planning, record keeping, etc.?

Here are some ideas to get the ground broken:

  1. Resolve to not blame yourself for gardening failures last year. Try again and learn from experience! Call on us to help ensure your success!
  2. Resolve not to be afraid to ask questions. How else can you learn? Take advantage of us being here for you; we’re happy to help you through to gardening success.
  3. Resolve to try new plants. Try a new growing style or a completely new crop of vegetable. Garden out of your comfort zone! We always stock interesting plants year-round to keep you garden interesting (or edible!)
  4. Resolve to share your passion for gardening and landscaping. Be a mentor for someone else. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be the reason your neighbor plants a window box for the first time? Perhaps you could even become a Louisiana Master Gardener!
  5. Resolve to embrace nature and garden for the birds, bees, butterflies. Plan flowers and vegetables with them in mind, sit back and enjoy the show!
  6. Resolve to invest in nice pottery pieces, and change out plants seasonally for a fresh new look all year.
  7. Resolve to ENJOY your garden. Take a stroll each morning or evening, cut flowers and stick them in a vase to bring indoors. Take photos to print and hang around the house. Host your children’s or grandchildren’s birthday party or graduation.
  8. Resolve to spend more time outside. Relax on a nice bench, or hang a swing or hammock. Create a shady area to be comfortable in summertime by planting a shade tree or building a small pergola. Put together a plan for a revised porch or complete outdoor living environment. We offer FREE consultations to design your new backyard that will melt your stress in 2019.