What to Prune in February?


The general rule is to trim items that are dormant or not setting their buds.  Pruning now is less stressful on your plants.

Roses should be trimmed to get rid of older burnt foliage; this will start promoting new spring growth.  Knockouts are a shrub type of rose that love to be cut back and will flush out quickly for early spring.

Fruit trees should be trimmed now also, it is usually good to trim branches out that are approximately the size of your pinkie finger.  Trim any other really small branches that aren’t aiding in fruit production, since most fruit is produced on the larger thick branches.

Azaleas should not be trimmed now, as they are setting their buds for spring blooming.  This doesn’t mean you can’t trim any erratic shoots off your azaleas, just don’t go out and shape them with hedge shears.

Same goes for Hydrangeas- don’t prune now. However, if they are one of the new ever-blooming varieties like Penny Mac or Endless Summer, they can be pruned now.

Dormant shade trees can also be pruned.  Any diseased or low limbs can be taken off now.

All trimming/pruning right now should be done with bypass pruners or bypass loppers; these generally produce the cleanest cut on your plants.