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They’re Coming: Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Summer Migration

The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, the East Coast’s most common hummingbird, is certainly one of the most fantastic creatures in Gulf Coast gardens. Their annual fall migration is set to start now, in mid-August, and carry on all throughout fall. These garden jewels will stay with us until winter temperatures hit. To understand why we see so […]

Tropical Sod Webworm Returns

  Article by: Dan Devenport- Horticulture Agent-Lafayette/Vermilion If you are thinking Déjà vu when it comes to seeing moths flying around your lawn again, you are right.  I have found a lawn in the Lafayette area that is under attack by Tropical Sod Webworms.  Adult moths captured at this site were identified by LSU entomologist, […]

August Garden To-Do List

Plants like azaleas and camellias will benefit from a little extra water this month. Most established plants need about one inch of water per week to perform at their best. Water until you see run off, and the best time is between 6-10am. The morning hours are also the best for watering lawns. Turf will […]

Fairy Garden Fun

Want to bring a little whimsy to your garden? A fairy garden can do just that.  Create a magical space for your kids or just for you.  Follow these simple steps to create your very own fairy creation. This could be a great summer project for kids home from school! Select a Container Be Creative! You […]

Growing Up: Building a Raised Garden Bed

We are blessed with our location’s sub-tropical climate for year-round gardening. Did you know there are on average 287 continuous frost-free days (Feb. 18-Dec. 3)? Greens can be planted fall thru spring, and fruiting plants spring thru fall. That makes for a delicious garden! Another benefit of our location is the annual average rainfall of […]

Pesky Pests

Pests are problems! Trust us, we know! Typical pests in the gardening world are: insects, weeds and fungus. Pesticides can also be problematic. A pesticide is any product (synthetic or organic) that is used to target the pest and ultimately control the situation. Minimizing the use of pesticides is always a good idea. But, how? […]

Garden School in Session: Teaching Vines to Climb Correctly

No other group of plants can be used to create the effects that vines do in the landscape. They can soften and connect structures such as pergolas, arbors, buildings, mailboxes, fences and arches to the gardens around them. Vines can be used to provide shade, privacy, flowers, ground covers, fragrance and even food for wildlife. […]

Current Top 5 Picks “For the Birds”

The garden gift shop at All Seasons is now “for the birds!” We hope that makes you giggle! We now have a fully stocked “birdhouse” of sorts, with all the goodies for your feathered friends. Here are our current Top 5 favorites! Bird Wild Bird Feast. This circular nearly 2lbs of feed is a no […]

Summer Evaluation

It’s August in Acadiana, and summer shows no signs of slowing down! Now is a great opportunity to evaluate what is working and what is not in your landscape. You should wait to dig up and move plants right now, but having a plan of action for fall is a very good idea. Are flowering […]

The 5 Best Houseplants For the Green Thumb Newbie

These plants will have your apartment looking like it was decorated by Mother Nature herself. We’ve all seen those photos on Instagram and Facebook, the ones with those lush, green indoor plants spilling all over the kitchen and living room of some loft in the city or adorable home in the suburbs. Although indoor gardens […]