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July Garden To-Do List

July is the time to cut faded flowers from flowering annuals & perennials to encourage new growth and blooms. Old blooms and seed heads left on the plants can negatively affect the flower’s continuous production. There are a number of advantages to deadheading: it will improve the appearance of a plant by removing the unattractive […]

Care for Roses in Summer

Summer heat can stress many plants in the landscape. One of the plants not especially happy during extreme heat of mid-late summer are most roses. Proper care is important as roses enter this most stressful time of the year. Regular watering, mulching, deadheading and insect, disease and weed control are the major issues. Pruning Now […]

4 Ways to Freeze Fresh Herbs

Using fresh herbs straight from the garden is a summer pleasure even the most casual cook can appreciate. Once picked, the herb shelf life can be extended a bit, but are decidedly “of the moment.” Drying herbs is probably the best known method for preserving summer herb surpluses, and may be the easiest way to make “hard” herbs […]

Plant a Natural Fence: Our Top 6 Privacy Plants

On the fence about what to do for privacy and yard division? Check out these ideas for natural fences. For more information about these, or for more options to fit your space, come to the nursery and visit with one of the many knowledgeable employees! Dwarf Hedge Bamboo– With its beautiful evergreen foliage, bamboo is […]

Local & Organic Soil Food: Our Land Organics

A new and exciting product line is now available at All Seasons: Natural Balance soil food from Our Land Organics, a local company! Their motto is “All-Natural nutrition for your Soil! We call it “SOIL FOOD”… some call it “MAGIC” others call it fertilizer… Try some; you’ll love it!” Natural Balance (1-2-1) is a diverse […]

Slow Release vs Water Soluble Fertilizers

When fertilizing plants, the two most common options are using either a water soluble or a slow release granule fertilizer. Slow release granule fertilizers are products that are applied around the plant’s root system at the time of planting and throughout its life. The granules are applied in dry form and watered in to begin […]

Get Kids ‘Diggin’ It’ This Summer

  Gardening is a great hobby for all ages, and the younger kids start gardening, the better the chance they will develop a lifelong love of outdoor activities and fresh, healthy food! This summer when kids are out, get them outside interested in gardening instead of inside playing on tablets! Even the youngest children can […]

Succulent Summer

When summer arrives in full swing, the oppressive heat and humidity can be take its toll on gardens.  While flowers can struggle, there is one group of plants that thrive in this environment: Cacti & Succulents.  Now is the perfect time to plant a succulent garden for indoors or out! There are hundreds of varieties […]

Twine Around this Summer: Build a Pergola

  Often located at the entrance to a garden or patio area, a “pergola” is a vine-covered gateway that’s crawling with flowering vines and can help even a small space feel distinctive. Despite the fancy Italian name, a pergola is essentially just a series of 2, 3, 4 or 5 arches interconnected with vine-covered lattices. […]

Rules of Summer Watering

Summer is here! That means days of hot, humid, sunny days followed by hot, humid floods! This back and forth weather, dry one week, four inches of rain the next week, makes it very hard to care for your plants. How do you know when to water and for how long? Well, first step is […]