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It’s a Miracle Fruit!

Synsepalaum dulcificum, is known as the Miracle Berry or Miracle Fruit. It originates from West Africa and has the extraordinary ability to change the way your taste buds perceive sour and sweet. The effect comes from a compound known as miraculin. Simply put, the miraculin temporarily blocks the receptors that perceive sour and it also

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Edibles in the Landscape

Don’t just plant a back yard veggie garden, create your landscape with edible plants! The following are just a few ideas to start with, but planning and consideration can create a beautiful landscape that is largely, or possibly even completely, edible! Many of us gardeners have a vegetable bed in the back yard, or a

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Tips for Planting Your Vegetable Garden

Chances are, if you haven’t started planting already, you’re at least thinking about getting your hands dirty. We’ve assembled a few tips for you to consider before coming in and picking up your supplies! Plan first When thinking of what you’d like to grow, be sure to choose plants that grow best in our area

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Raised Bed for your Veggie Garden?

Heat-loving plants will thrive in a raised bed garden. Plants like chiles, sweet peppers and eggplants will enjoy a sunny spot and rich compost in raised bed planters. They do dry out quicker, so keep raised beds watered daily. Raised-bed gardening allows you to start fresh with high-quality soil, instead of testing and amending and

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