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Fall for Landscape Planting

Fall is coming, and you are encouraged to add new plants to your landscape at this time of year. There’s no better horticultural time than now. Most people plant trees, shrubs and ground covers in spring, but fall is really the best time to plant. By planting in fall – October through mid-December – we

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Fall Back to Basics: What/How to Plant & Prep

From the ground up: Soil preparation for fall planting When planting in containers, choose a good quality potting soil or container mix. Some may have a slow release fertilizer in them. When planting in established beds, refresh soil with compost, bed builder, soil conditioner, etc. When starting new flower beds or vegetable beds, start with

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Prepare Your Garden for Fall

Assess the Damage A flower garden can tell you a lot at the end of the growing season. You’ll want to assess the results of all your spring and summer work, and prepare the garden for next spring. First, take a walk around your garden and look at how all the plants did over the summer. Track successes

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Starting a Fall Butterfly Garden

Thinking about starting a butterfly garden, or just trying to figure out which flowers to add to maximize for full impact this fall? Read this article by the LSU AgCenter, whether you are trying to deepen your knowledge of these backyard beauties, or just refresh and search for new ideas. Top flowers for fall will

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Fall Lawn Care

We know that you’ve been caring for your grass all throughout the summer and at this point looking after it has probably become a tedious task. However, caring for your lawn in the fall is just as important so your grass can stay healthy through the winter months. Here are some tips on caring for

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