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Fairy Garden Fun

Want to bring a little whimsy to your garden? A fairy garden can do just that.  Create a magical space for your kids or just for you.  Follow these simple steps to create your very own fairy creation. This could be a great summer project for kids home from school! Select a Container Be Creative! You […]

Growing Up: Building a Raised Garden Bed

We are blessed with our location’s sub-tropical climate for year-round gardening. Did you know there are on average 287 continuous frost-free days (Feb. 18-Dec. 3)? Greens can be planted fall thru spring, and fruiting plants spring thru fall. That makes for a delicious garden! Another benefit of our location is the annual average rainfall of […]

Plant a Natural Fence: Our Top 6 Privacy Plants

On the fence about what to do for privacy and yard division? Check out these ideas for natural fences. For more information about these, or for more options to fit your space, come to the nursery and visit with one of the many knowledgeable employees! Dwarf Hedge Bamboo– With its beautiful evergreen foliage, bamboo is […]