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In the Zone: An Article on Plant Growing Zones

  Have you gone to a nursery to purchase a plant only to be confused by the zone indicated? Usually the zone on the label is the plant hardiness zone, but it is becoming common to include heat zones. First, let’s discuss plant hardiness zones. This set of numbers is about minimum temperatures a plant

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Lettuce Get Started in the Garden

All types of lettuce (romaine, butterhead, leaf, and head) all grow well in Louisiana. Purchase fresh seed or transplants at a local nursery or online from major seed companies. Seed should be planted a one-eighth of an inch deep or less. Many varieties of lettuce germinate better if light can reach the seed. Cover lettuce

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Evergreen Shrubs for Year-Long Color

Evergreen shrubs don’t disappoint. Add them to your landscape for vibrant flowers, leaves and stems every season. Evergreen Viburnum Viburnum is a dense, compact shrub with pointed green leaves edged with creamy yellow. It has clusters of red flowers in late winter and spring. Though most cultivars are deciduous, the sweet viburnum is a diehard

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A Color Scheme for Cool Season

When you decide it’s time to pull out the warm-season bedding plants and replant your flowerbeds and containers, lots of wonderful cool season bedding plants are available here! The roles these plants play in landscapes and containers is to provide color. What colors to plant or how you combine them is mostly a matter of

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Louisiana: Vegetable Planting Calendar

Starting to plan the fall veggie garden? Or already elbows deep in it? Have you seen this handy informational sheet on planting and harvest dates from the Urban Farmer? This is a good guide to the last and first frost dates throughout the state, as well as a crop-by-crop calendar for the year. We typically

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