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Top 10 “Sun”sational Summer Succulent Varieties

Kalanchoe pumila – Flower Dust Plant This creeping, silver-grey groundcover is a gem in hanging baskets! Sporting pink flowers to accent the ashy, silver leaves, it can take the heat but is also hardy enough to survive light freezes. It will love to be in a dry hanging basket, requiring a fraction of the water

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Spotlight on: Maple Leaf Begonia

Like many begonias, the so-called Maple-Leaved Begonia is a very easy-to-grow container plant. They are fairly drought-tolerant, can grow well in shade outdoors or indoors, and are basically pest-free. The leaves have red veins and a mottled appearance, giving visual interest, and they will also put out delicate white flowers at certain times of the

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Adventures in Orchids

You’ve seen them in our greenhouse and in the pages of the trendiest magazines. Their beauty is impressive but the thought of caring for one may intimidate to you. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, many people, even those with green thumbs, have a false image of orchids being fragile and high maintenance. We have good

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