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Gems of Fall: Mums

Mums are the gems of fall. The come in a variety of colors and provide instant shape, fullness and fall flair. Combine them with a bale of hay, pumpkins, grasses and all kinds of fall goodies for a true show-stopping display. We have fall decorating bundles for $19.99 and $49.99 that each include mums, hay,

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Tips for Planting Bulbs

No other types of plants will give the gardener more beauty, or a wider range of variety, color and flowering times than flowering bulbs. They produce flowers of incredible colors from one end of the growing season to the other. Nothing else will reward you with so much pleasure for so little effort…at least in

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Low Maintenance Fall Showpiece

Thinking of planting a new garden bed or plants to add interest for the fall? Ornamental grasses have seen an increased popularity with good reason. They are versatile, carefree and so easy to grow with virtually few problems. A wide range of sizes makes them ideal for any landscape, large or small. Don’t forget about

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10 Easy Fall Plants to Add in your Garden (and Why)

Fall brings a great range of plants to bring in the season, from heat tolerant plants to endure a long, hot fall, to cold-lovers that will survive through to spring! Here are ten seasonal favorites. Croton This tropical foliage plant would really do well throughout the warm season, but it is a fantastic addition to

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Croton Is the Cure for a Drab Fall Landscape

Fall is just around the corner, but we know it feels an awful lot like summer. These temperatures are likely to persist for the next month, if not longer, and true fall color on the trees in the area might be months further away. The tropical croton (Codaeum variegatum) is the cure for drab Louisiana

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Health Benefits of Houseplants: From A to Z

These houseplants don’t just sit there looking pretty— they decrease stress, remove indoor pollutants and even make us nicer. Anthurium Flowering houseplants like anthurium help decrease our stress levels, which is becoming increasingly valuable as our lives get crazier. Bromeliad Colorful bromeliads look a bit like exotic living flower arrangements. They’re perfect for offices where their colorful blooms can

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