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Garden School in Session: Teaching Vines to Climb Correctly

No other group of plants can be used to create the effects that vines do in the landscape. They can soften and connect structures such as pergolas, arbors, buildings, mailboxes, fences and arches to the gardens around them. Vines can be used to provide shade, privacy, flowers, ground covers, fragrance and even food for wildlife. […]

The 5 Best Houseplants For the Green Thumb Newbie

These plants will have your apartment looking like it was decorated by Mother Nature herself. We’ve all seen those photos on Instagram and Facebook, the ones with those lush, green indoor plants spilling all over the kitchen and living room of some loft in the city or adorable home in the suburbs. Although indoor gardens […]

Succulent Summer

Summer is in full swing and the oppressive heat and humidity here in South Louisiana is taking its toll on some gardens. While flowers are struggling, there is one group of plants that thrive in this environment: Succulents. Now is the perfect time to plant a succulent garden! These plants are characterized by having thick […]

Tropical Summer Oasis

Learn here about some of the best tropical plant flair you can add to your patio! We have all of these choices and many more to transport you to a vacation spot every time you sit outside! (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) A compact semi-tropical shrub covered with glossy dark green leaves that provide the perfect background for […]

Care for Roses in Summer

Summer heat can stress many plants in the landscape. One of the plants not especially happy during extreme heat of mid-late summer are most roses. Proper care is important as roses enter this most stressful time of the year. Regular watering, mulching, deadheading and insect, disease and weed control are the major issues. Pruning Now […]

Plant a Natural Fence: Our Top 6 Privacy Plants

On the fence about what to do for privacy and yard division? Check out these ideas for natural fences. For more information about these, or for more options to fit your space, come to the nursery and visit with one of the many knowledgeable employees! Dwarf Hedge Bamboo– With its beautiful evergreen foliage, bamboo is […]