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What to Prune in February?

The general rule is to trim items that are dormant or not setting their buds.  Pruning now is less stressful on your plants. Roses should be trimmed to get rid of older burnt foliage; this will start promoting new spring growth.  Knockouts are a shrub type of rose that love to be cut back and

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Roses in Winter

Roses are jewels of the garden.  Unique colors and fragrances of the blooms have inspired poems, conveyed emotions and been inspirational for songs and stories for many centuries. To grow outstanding roses, a good well-draining soil is necessary.  An area with 5-6 hours of daily sunlight is also needed.  Roses are heavy feeders and need

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Fertilizing Houseplants 101

Got a frazzled fern or a distressed dieffenbachia? Get tips on how and when to fertilize and find out which pantry items can be used to perk up your plants. Are your houseplants hungry? If they’ve been in the same soil for a while, they probably are. Over time, watering leaches out nutrients, and since

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Winter Plant Protection

Freezing temperatures can be harmful to many landscape plants. However, there are steps you can take to ensure their survival. Move Plants Inside: When it’s possible to move a container inside your home, do so. A garage, shed or other external space will also provide some insulation to keep plants safe. If you do not

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