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Tropical Sod Webworm Returns

  Article by: Dan Devenport- Horticulture Agent-Lafayette/Vermilion If you are thinking Déjà vu when it comes to seeing moths flying around your lawn again, you are right.  I have found a lawn in the Lafayette area that is under attack by Tropical Sod Webworms.  Adult moths captured at this site were identified by LSU entomologist, […]

Summer Evaluation

It’s August in Acadiana, and summer shows no signs of slowing down! Now is a great opportunity to evaluate what is working and what is not in your landscape. You should wait to dig up and move plants right now, but having a plan of action for fall is a very good idea. Are flowering […]

The Power of Pollination

Spending time in the garden often involves shooing away bees, but have you ever stopped to think about the benefits that these and other garden pollinators provide to our environment? Think back to elementary or middle school.  You probably learned that a pollinator helps carry pollen from the male part of the flower to the […]

Succulent Summer

Summer is in full swing and the oppressive heat and humidity here in South Louisiana is taking its toll on some gardens. While flowers are struggling, there is one group of plants that thrive in this environment: Succulents. Now is the perfect time to plant a succulent garden! These plants are characterized by having thick […]

Moving on to a Bigger Home: Repotting Houseplants

Why do houseplants need to be repotted? The main reason is that they have become root bound and outgrown their container. If your root ball looks like this, it is root bound and needs a larger pot. Choosing the correct pot size is very important. When repotting a plant, you should only move up one […]

Tropical Summer Oasis

Learn here about some of the best tropical plant flair you can add to your patio! We have all of these choices and many more to transport you to a vacation spot every time you sit outside! (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) A compact semi-tropical shrub covered with glossy dark green leaves that provide the perfect background for […]

Care for Roses in Summer

Summer heat can stress many plants in the landscape. One of the plants not especially happy during extreme heat of mid-late summer are most roses. Proper care is important as roses enter this most stressful time of the year. Regular watering, mulching, deadheading and insect, disease and weed control are the major issues. Pruning Now […]

4 Ways to Freeze Fresh Herbs

Using fresh herbs straight from the garden is a summer pleasure even the most casual cook can appreciate. Once picked, the herb shelf life can be extended a bit, but are decidedly “of the moment.” Drying herbs is probably the best known method for preserving summer herb surpluses, and may be the easiest way to make “hard” herbs […]