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Are Container Plants “Burning Up?”

No rain and extreme heat can cause many plants in containers to “burn up”.  Included in this are many plants that can usually grow in a sunny location with our summer heat.  Some plants are dropping buds and their blooms, others have scorch on their foliage and some are just curling up.  What can be

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25 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Garden and Landscape

Learn easy ways to save water and still have a head-turning landscape. Use an Adjustable Sprinkler Conserving water in the landscape starts with re-thinking the ways you use and apply water to plantings. Trade in a non-adjustable oscillating sprinkler for one that offers multiple watering patterns. By sliding levers or pushing buttons, adjustable sprinklers let

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Summer Watering: Life or Death to your Plants

Lots of new planting gets done every spring. Proper watering can make the difference between life and death to newly planted lawns, trees, shrubs, ground covers, and bedding and vegetable transplants during summer. Because their roots have not had time to grow out into the surrounding soil, these plants do not yet have well-established root

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