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Feed the Metamorphosis: Milkweed for the Butterfly Life Cycle

With their fragrant flowers, which grow in orange & red clusters like little bells, all milkweeds are a magnet for butterflies. There are different varieties of Milkweed, and the one that we recommend for our area is Red Milkweed (Asclepias curassavica). Its growth habit is upright, it matures to 3-4’, blooms in 3’’ clusters Spring-Fall,

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Where the ‘Shrooms Bloom

Saprophytic fungi are beneficial organisms that decay dead organic matter. They contribute to a healthy soil and garden. Saprophytic fungi are always present in our lawns and gardens, quietly decaying organic matter. We just don’t usually see them — although you may occasionally see the white threads of saprophytes when you move decaying mulch or

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Project Bird Feeder

In these new weeks of summer, try a fun activity with the kids to get them outside and thinking of their feathered friends! Decorate pine cones or toilet paper rolls with seeds for them to have a yummy summer treat. Here’s how to do it: -Tie a string to the top portion of a pine

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