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Pollinator Educator: Urban Pollinator Conservation Series @ LSU

Pollinator Gardening in Louisiana Pollinators are animals that transfer pollen from one plant to another. They are essential for the production of many crops and wildflowers. The honey bee is arguably the most important, but bumblebees, solitary native bees, butterflies, moths, flies and even beetles can also serve as pollinators. Pollinator declines have gained much attention

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Birdbaths are “For the Birds”

A good source of fresh water will have the birds flocking to your yard! A bird has a strong need for water through every season. Having a birdbath is an advantage to anyone who enjoys observing bird behavior. Here are some tips for birdbath placement. Do these and birds will flock to their new “community

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Squirrels: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em

Whether you want to invite the bright eye and bushy tail guest to your yard or let them know they’re not allowed over, we have tips for you to either attract or deter squirrels from your home/garden. Tips to Attract Squirrels: Providing feeders for squirrels is a must. Since squirrels will get into your bird

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