10 Ways for a Winter Wonderful Garden


In winter, your garden can look dreary. But, there’s good news! You can dress up dreary beds and borders with plants that add splashes of cold-weather color! Here are 10 easy ways to add color to your winter garden:

1. Berry Plants

Hollies with bright red berries aren't just for the holidays. These evergreen shrubs are great choices for winter interest. Use dwarf varieties in containers by your front door, or plant larger types to form berry-studded screens or hedges. Ask one of us for the best variety for the specific spot you would like to plant. A few hollies simply don't have berries, but in general, you'll need both male and female plants to get a colorful crop. Nandinas also have colorful berries, and their foliage is a show-stopper when the foliage turns from green to burgundy, scarlet and purplish-red.  A decorating tip is to cut stems for long-lasting indoor arrangements.


2. Conifers, Evergreens and Colorful Pots

Don't overlook planting conifers and evergreens in your garden. Dwarf varieties in neutral shades of green, gray-green and blue-green are attractive when grown in colorful pots. We have a large selection of pottery in all shades of the rainbow to surely make the green come alive with excitement in winter.

3. Camellias

Depending on the variety, camellias open their white, pink, red or bi-colored blooms in late fall, winter or early spring. Some resemble roses while others are lush and full, like peonies. These evergreen plants hold their looks even when the blooms fade.

4. Leafy Plants

Ornamental cabbages and kales are reliable plants for winter color. Come see and select these annuals, which come in rosette forms that resemble big flowers, in pink, cream, green and rose. If we have frost, the colors can become more intense. 


5. Plants with Colorful Stems

Other shrubs and small trees brighten your landscape with unusual stems and twigs. Acer palmatum ‘Sango-Kaku’, or Coral Bark Maple, has bright red stems throughout winter.


6. Fragrant Flowering Shrubs

You don’t have to forgo flowers just because it’s winter. There are varieties of Jasmine that bloom fragrant in winter. Winter honeysuckle is another extremely fragrant shrub.
Allysum is another fragrant cool-season annual that is stunning planted in mass, color blocked, in containers or hanging baskets.

7. Small Winter Flowers

For quick color, grow small winter flowers like pansies to brighten beds, borders and containers. They have the most impact when planted in groups of one, two or three colors. Their smaller cousin, Violas, have just as much impact. Other cool season show stoppers are, Dianthus, Calendula, and dwarf Snapdragon.

8. Bulbs

Even a few bulbs burst into bloom during the cold months. The show-stopping reds, whites, pinks of Amaryllis turns heads in beds, containers, and even in an indoor table arrangement. Narcissus, or daffodils, are another harbinger of early spring.

9. Feed the Birds

Don’t forget to invite some living color to your landscape! Feed the birds during the cold season, and offer plenty of fresh, clean water for them. They’ll feast on berry plants and enjoy the feeders you stock with seeds and other nutritious treats you’ll find in our “For the Birds” section.

10. Cyclamen


These cool-season shade-lovers bloom in stunning shades of red, burgundy, pink, soft pink, deep pink, white and cream/pink look beautiful planted in mass or solo. The unique silver/green foliage with interesting markings makes these flowers even more special. Plant a mix of colors, or a grouping of all reds for a pop of color!