Decorating with Houseplants


Though the houseplant is not native to the living room, there are lots of great plants that work well in the home to add life and beauty to any room.

  • Humidity hungry plants love steamy bathrooms. Ferns and orchids prefer higher humidity making them a perfect choice near a sink or shower.
  • Bathrooms are the perfect rooms to allow air purifying plants live. English Ivy is one of the best for the bathroom business! Plus, ivy will add a splash of interest as it curves down a windowsill.
  • Stage a stand with succulents. Succulents make great houseplants as they need minimal water and care. All you need for these little guys is a sunny window. Plant them together in a bowl or in individual pots to create a mini garden.
  • Corners deserve more than forgotten dust bunnies. Spruce up empty corners with a fiddle leaf fig. Their beautiful broad leaves will turn any corner into an enchanting forest.
  • Here, there and everywhere are uses for snake plants, or mother-in-law’s tongue. One of the most durable, forgiving and adaptable houseplants has to be the snake plant. This hardy plant can go weeks without water, adapts well to bright or low light and never needs a trim. Perfect for the black thumb gardener as the snake plant is nearly impossible to kill. Try it anywhere in your home.
  • Bring tropical color inside with Crotons. Their multicolored leaves show off the best fall colors and make a great statement mixed with other houseplants or in a standalone pot.
  • Breakup books on a shelf with houseplants. Better yet why not create living bookends?
  • Bar cart? Why not a plant cart? Kick your liquor to the cabinet and create a living bar cart with houseplants.
  • When you fill all your space on the ground take your plants higher. Air plants are great for taking to new heights. Line some together on a shelf or hang them from the ceiling in glass globes.

Try a houseplant in your home today. Start small with a little collection or go big with an indoor tree. The possibilities are endless and the result breathtaking. Plus- did you know that houseplants will purify your air? Yup! Now you can breathe easy!