March Gardening To Do List

MarchTo Do List

We’ve missed you!

Now it’s time to head out to visit us, make your plant purchases and get them properly planted in your yard or in containers!

The sooner the better.

In our tropical climate with the extreme heat and humidity that will occur June through September, it is very important to get all plants established and stable before it gets too hot. These plants will have a much better chance of making it through their first summer, which is the biggest challenge for new plantings in our area. Even a few weeks of time can make a big difference in whether these new plants can stabilize from the shock of being transplanted, and have ample time to start growing new feeder roots.

One product that will definitely help with these two essential aspects for success is a product called Root Stimulator by Fertilome. This is an easy to use product. Just mix with water and pour over the roots of the plant. It helps with transplant shock and gives the plant nutrients, but most importantly, it stimulates new feeder roots. Proper watering throughout the first summer is also essential.

Did you know that potting mixes and soils are not the same? Most commercial plants are grown in a soil-less mixture. Bark, peat, perlite and vermiculite are common components of this type of mix. To determine if a mix or soil is suitable for most plant growth, place that soil or mix in a container and water. Rather quickly, the water should drain from the bottom of the container. If it doesn’t drain, it must be amended with coarse items to encourage drainage. Adding a premium bagged compost or planting mix to outdoor containers adds weight and will hold more moisture to facilitate blooming and hold the plant upright.


-Plant perennials in the ground so they will be well established.

-Restore color to beds and borders by replacing cool season annuals with summer bedding plants.

-Summer vegetables can be planted now! Amend and feed the soil with the proper mixes. We can help!

-All types of summer bulbs can be planted now such as: caladiums, canna lilies and elephant ears.

-Now is the right time to plant citrus and avocado. Fertilize them when planting.

-As the weather warms, move tropical plants (such as bougainvilla, crotons, hibiscus, etc) back outside gradually to reduce sun damage.

-Fertilize the area where you planted spring bulbs using a bulb food.

-Fertilize a light application to roses.

-Fertilize houseplants and re-pot if necessary.

-Protect plants from hungry snails & slugs. We can help!

-Feed the hummingbirds! Put out at least one feeder, keep it clean and full to attract the hummingbirds. They begin arriving around March 21!