May Garden To Do List

May To Do List

It’s time to change out tired, cool-season annuals with heat-loving summer annuals such as: Angelonia, pentas, portulaca, vinca & much more. Planting tropical sun lovers like hibiscus is ideal now, too. To encourage more rapid re-blooming, pinch off old flowers on bedding plants after their first flower cycle is complete.


-Plant warm-season bedding plants. Vinca can now be planted for best results! Don’t know which warm-season bedding plants will be best for your area? Come visit us for a wide selection and knowledge to be successful!

-To encourage more rapid re-blooming, pinch off old flowers on bedding plants.

-It’s a great time to plant a crape myrtle tree for great summer flowering.

-Prune & feed azaleas & camellias once their blooming has finished.

-Sow seeds for heat-loving annuals and watch them begin to grow! This is a fun kid project, too, once school is out.

-Now is the time to plant all kinds of summer-loving vegetables.

-Prune & shape all winter-flowering shrubs and vines.

-Mulch all garden beds well to help regulate soil temperature, retain moisture, and keep weeds at bay. An excellent mulch to try, in addition to Grade ‘A’ Cypress or Cedar, is pine straw. To effectively suppress weeds, apply mulch 2 inches thick.

-When in the garden, wear a wide brim hat and apply sunscreen.

-Plants you had indoors for cool weather can now reside outside.

-Place houseplant containers in an area that receives bright shade- not direct sun.

-Don’t forget to fill bird feeders with seed!

-Watch for insect problems on roses. Aphids may develop on tender new growth, thrips on flowers and cucumber beetles on foliage. Let us know and we’ll set you up with the proper treatment.

-After spring bulbs finish flowering, wait until the foliage turns yellow before cutting it off. This is because food is being manufactured and stored for next year’s blooms.