Hydretain Keeps Plants Moist Without Even Grabbing the Hose


We tour garden centers and attend horticultural conferences throughout the country to bring Acadiana the greatest and most exciting products to create garden success for you! One of the most interesting things we have found in recent years is Hydretain, which is a brand new, outside-the-box solution to plants’ water needs in summer. It actually grabs humidity from the air and bonds it to plant roots to prevent drought stress. Here’s how the company explains its unique solution.

“The Hydretain technology is good science with exceptional results. We believe that science should strengthen sustainability & improve our lives.  Hydretain is a revolutionary chemistry for root zone moisture management that is good for both your plants and the environment.

“Hydretain is a completely different concept for root zone moisture management. Hydretain is not another wetting agent, surfactant or super absorbent polymer crystal. It is actually a liquid group of hygroscopic and humectant components that attract moisture like tiny “water magnets” forming microscopic droplets within the root zone. This process allows plants to utilize soil moisture which would otherwise be lost to evaporation.

“Reducing evaporative loss is key. When water is applied through rainfall or irrigation, a huge percentage is never utilized by the plant. This is primarily due to the forces of gravity pulling moisture back to the aquifer and evaporation pulling moisture into the atmosphere. While we can do little about gravity, we can reduce evaporative loss.

“As soils dry down, water is depleted, leaving only moisture vapor behind. Just as we can’t drink humidity out of the air around us, plants cannot use moisture vapor.  Hydretain was engineered to attract the vapor and collect it back into microscopic liquid droplets to sustain turf and plants between watering.

“Our chemistry works with nature, not against it! Hydretain has the unique ability to attract water molecules, create droplets, and then release those droplets to plant roots, helping them to absorb more moisture and nutrients to stay healthy. One end of the Hydretain molecule anchors itself to soil particles and root hairs, coating their surface. The other end is available to grab free water molecules from humid air circulating in the soil. Once Hydretain has grabbed enough water molecules to create a droplet, the plant’s root are able to absorb the droplet through osmosis preventing it from being lost to evaporation or gravity.

“Don’t just take our word for it. Major University studies and countless green care professionals continue to herald the benefits of Hydretain and its unique ability to reduce watering by up to 50% or more!”

Hydretain’s proven effectiveness has been independently observed by studies conducted by the University of Illinois, Pennsylvania State University, Clemson University, the University of Florida, Ohio Wesleyan University, and others.