Interior Plants: Trendy & Beneficial


House plants are not only popular but are actually an important part of an interior environment. They are proven to actually take toxins like Benzene and Formaldehyde out of interior environments. NASA began looking at these things in the 80’s when they were considering life in space – as part of their research and planning for the International Space Station. The Space Station is really like an extreme version of our homes, where air is not always well-circulated, and artificial materials like insulation, paint, glues and adhesives, and various cleaners can build up in interior airspace. Houseplants are constantly pulling carbon dioxide and water, as well as minerals, through pores in both their leaves and roots, along with any impurities that come along with them. The plant will actually isolate and store these volatile organic compounds in special starchy tissues in their roots and stems, rather than returning them to the atmosphere. Trees in the forest are Mother Nature’s air purifier, so houseplants can do the same thing for us in our living spaces

Houseplants also can have a psychological effect on people who spend a lot of time indoors, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and anxiety. Exposure to nature and green things is now medically proven to actually affect the functioning of the brain to make people calmer and happier.

Some of the best air-purifying plants are:

Peace Lily – Likes regular watering but needs excellent drainage. Make sure it is planted in a pot with good drainage or carry to the sink or patio to water it.

Snake Plant – This is a plant that can take a beating. Can tolerate bright to low light, is fairly cold hardy, and can go weeks between watering. It’s super popular because of its bold, architectural look, fits well in any interior space.

Pothos Ivy – Likes it wet or dry, bright or dim, this is great for a kitchen or bathroom window, two areas of the home where the air could use a little cleaning, due to the amounts of chemicals and cleaners we use in these spaces.

Dracaena – the old-fashioned green varieties are proven tough houseplants, but we have interesting variegated and unusual forms, like this one called Limelight.

Parlor Palm – This plant can handle low light ad some neglect and still look great. It’s another indoor plant that is great at cleaning the air.

Bonsai are not any one certain type of plant, but a way of growing them. These bonsai are Serissas, or snow roses, plants that can also be grown in the landscape. Bonsai refers to the practice of keeping plants dwarfed by growing them in these shallow trays. Trim them in a way to make them seem like little trees, and the trick in perspective makes them seem more ancient and gain character. As we’ve said, all bonsai are made from different kinds of plants, so knowing which type you are buying is essential to their care. We have a knowledgeable staff to help you decide which one will be right for you.

One plant we see increasing in popularity each year is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. These tropical trees have a very bold, prehistoric look that dramatically enhance the space for anyone into interior design.

Succulents are another runaway craze that shows no signs of slowing down. A succulent might be the first plant that anyone might own, because they have a proven reputation for toughness. Their waxy leaves and stems are specially adapted for life in harsh environments, meaning they can handle a little abuse from the novice plant parent. The biggest mistake people make with succulents is bringing them from a nursery greenhouse – which is very bright – to a dark interior space. The silver coloration in these succulents is actually an adaptation to help the plant survive in brutally sunny, exposed, desert-like environments. We do, however, carry a lot of succulents that are better adapted to lower light levels. All these jades (crassula) and peperomias are more likely to succeed if you don’t happen to have a bright windowsill for your plants to live on.

And of course, success with plants is always about having the right tools for success. This Fertilome Succulent or Orchid Mix is formulated with ingredients all these particular plants have in their natural environment and need to survive. This is a product you can’t find at the chain stores. This Garden-Cote fertilizer is fortified with a dozen micro-nutrients you won’t find in an all-purpose fertilizer, and will keep your plants lush and green year-round.

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