5 Desk-Perfect Plant Pals


Make your office feel more like home with some perfectly styled buddies to keep you company at your desk.

If you’ve already grown a few houseplants at home and are feeling confident in your ability to keep them happy, now try adding a few at your desk. Your work well-being will be greatly improved. Having pretty potted plants in your environment inspires and comforts, allowing you to concentrate and be more productive and creative while lowering blood pressure and providing fresh air — such a ‘win-win’ for your overall happiness!

You will find that plants give out joy because they are growing, living things. It's a ritual to water them and tend to them and rewarding to see them happy, growing and thriving. The presence of something fresh and green in an otherwise quite manmade environment will definitely you’re your mood.

When picking your desk plant pal, be sure to think about your desk’s growing conditions when choosing the right plant. Always consider the plant's lighting requirements. A majority of houseplants love bright, indirect light, so in an office environment, that means being closer to a natural light source like a window or skylight, or close to fluorescent light; either an office overhead light or a lamp will do the trick. If you are in a darker office or space with low light, make sure to aim for plants that thrive in that type of condition. Another option with a low light space is a Grow Light. These regular light bulbs are specially formulated for growing plants…and they fit into any standard lamp look!

For Low Light: Snake Plant

Does your desk sometimes feel like a cave? Try Snake Plant, also known as Mother in Law’s Tongue. It can handle neglect and low light. We love the structure of this plant, with sword-like leaves, often patterned. With hundreds of different species, all ranging in various colors, sizes and textures, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for a desktop and floor space. We usually keep a well stock of many varieties!

For Design Junkies: ZZ Plant

Another option for the cave-desk dweller, ZZ, also known as Zanzibar Gem, comes in full-size or dwarf varieties. With naturally shiny leaves giving it the perfect polished look, this plant thrives in low light and infrequent watering, and it can provide some structured height to any desk landscape without blocking precious screen space

For Clean Freaks: Air Plant

If you’re one of those people who like the idea of nature but don’t want to touch dirt, this is your answer. Air plants — there are actually hundreds of options from the species Tillandsia — are known for living without soil, which makes them a good option for adding a little green life without getting your desktop dingy. They don't need soil so there's no danger of a wet soil spillage, and they just need a good soak in water once a week. Then you can prop, balance or hang them anywhere!

For Boho Style: Pothos

If you could use a little more validation throughout your work day, try pothos — its heart-shaped leaves will remind you that you’re loved and appreciated. And the pretty vining habit will soften up a hard-lined cubicle. Vine plants are in, and this heart-shaped plant, coming in a variety of stunning colors and patterns, is the queen of them all. Pothos adapts well to a variety of office conditions from low light levels to bright. Place on a desk and when the leaves start to grow longer, move to a book shelf and watch it cascade.

For Looking Cool: Succulent

Maintain your status as the trendy one in the office with a succulent. Easy-care is a major bonus. Succulents are great for a desk because they don't need a huge amount of watering and have been known to survive quite well under fluorescent lights. Please make sure you give it a bit of water now and again though, not just the dregs from your coffee cup! Don’t hesitate to group succulents together with other succulents in a glass container to make a terrarium or pot them up in your favorite container for an easy tabletop garden. We have so many options for quick and easy desk planters to decorate with succulents, or just the one to start with!