A Color Scheme for Cool Season

When you decide it’s time to pull out the warm-season bedding plants and replant your flowerbeds and containers, lots of wonderful cool season bedding plants are available here! The roles these plants play in landscapes and containers is to provide color. What colors to plant or how you combine them is mostly a matter of taste. However, think about the color scheme and what you’re trying to accomplish with color before making your selections.

Here are some quick tips to get you started. Our staff is always here to help, too!

Combine cool colors together or warm colors together for reliably harmonious results. The colors within each group naturally combine well and look effortlessly together.
Cool colors include: reds with a blue tint, burgundy, rose, pink, magenta, purple, violet, lavender, blue, navy, and any variation of those colors.
Warm colors include: reds with an orange tint, orange, gold, yellow, rust, peach and any variation of those colors.
White combines equally well with either group, and true blue flowers also look good with just about any other color.


Use color where you want to focus attention. Never use color to beautify an unattractive feature in your landscape, such as a fire hydrant, storage shed or trash can area. You will be making sure everyone notices it!

Use color where you can enjoy it! Don’t forget to include plantings of colorful cool-season bedding plants in beds, containers and hanging baskets around the patio and other outdoor living areas. Fragrant plants, such as alyssum, are especially nice!

Generally, reduce the number of colors you use for best results. Use the colors you like in combinations you like, but don’t use every color you like at the same time in the same bed.

Plant individual colors in masses or groups, especially if the bed will be viewed from the street. This allows each color to be noticed.

Creating an attractive, colorful look is easy and fun!

Come see us today for a more colorful tomorrow!