Adventures in Orchids



You've seen them in our greenhouse and in the pages of the trendiest magazines. Their beauty is impressive but the thought of caring for one may intimidate to you. Don't worry, you're not alone, many people, even those with green thumbs, have a false image of orchids being fragile and high maintenance. We have good news for you, this is simply not true!


In fact, did you know that before they were the highly sought after plant we all know and love, orchids were used as packing material? That's right! William John Swainson, while shipping valuable tropical plants back to London, decided to use the plants he thought were parasitic as packing material. It wasn't until the shipment arrived and an orchid bloomed that people took notice. This single bloom started a trend in the Victorian era and led to the Victorian orchid craze.


Fast forward to now...Phalaenopsis orchids are the perfect plant for modern home decorating. With these tips you can take your love affair with orchids to the next level.


  • Water your orchid thoroughly every 10-12 days. Be sure not to let them sit in water for an extended period of time.
  • Place orchids in bright, indirect light. Your plant should NEVER get full sun as it will burn their leaves. Sunburn appears as yellow or papery tissue on the leaves.


  • Avoid using air fresheners and aerosols near orchids.


  • Bring blooming orchids indoors because pollinators will shorten flowers lifespan.


  • Keep temperatures below 75 to prolong orchid blooms.


  • Repot in new bark once a year, or as necessary. Always use a reputable Orchid Mix for best results.



Orchid Leaf Color Test



Dark green/purple leaves: Not enough light

Yellow light green leaves: Too much light

Grass green leaves: Perfect amount of light