August Gardening To Do List


Plants like azaleas and camellias will benefit from a little extra water this month. Most established plants need about one inch of water per week to perform at their best. Water until you see run off, and the best time is between 6-10am. The morning hours are also the best for watering lawns. Turf will have time to dry before night, which will prevent disease. Mound up the mulch, too! Make sure all planting areas have a two-inch layer of mulch. Mulch helps to regulate soil temperature, conserve moisture in the soil and prevent weed development. 


-Prune drift and repeat flowering roses in mid-month. This stimulates vigorous growth for the fall blooming season. Cut the bushes back about one-third their height and remove any dead growth. 


-After pruning roses, fertilize with Bayer 3 in 1 or any good rose fertilizer.  


-Control pests on roses by using a recommended insecticide or miticide. We can help!


-Prune off seedpods and any yellow or brown foliage on Louisiana irises since they are semi-dormant now in late summer.


-Cut faded flowers and seed heads from flowering annuals & perennials.


-Harvest mint, basil, rosemary, lemon balm and Mexican tarragon regularly to keep the plants controlled and shapely.


-Transplant and/or divide Louisiana irises.   


-Stroll through your garden and make fresh cut flower arrangements with your garden blooms. 


-Don't forget to fertilize and water houseplants! 


-Keep birdbaths full of water and clean for the feathered flyers. 


-Keep hummingbird feeders clean and full of nectar: the Ruby-Throated hummingbirds begin arriving in mid month. 


-Plant sunflowers to be ready for fall arrangements. Seeds usually take about 60-80 days from sowing until the first flower color. 


-For proper flowering, water bougainvillea only when wilted, provide full sun, very little fertilizer and let it become root bound in the container. Huh? Yes, bougainvillea produces an abundance of flowers if left alone.


-Prune any citrus now that was damaged in winter. If pruned earlier, good “live” wood may have accidentally been removed.


-If ferns are requiring a daily watering, consider dividing into two new plants. 


-You still have time to fertilize your lawn. Apply all granular material on a dry lawn and water very soon after application. St. Augustine grass may be fertilized up to three times during the growing season- April, June and Mid-August.


Note: Small, yellow aphids on butterfly wee or milkweed will not damage the plants or affect the feeding of adult and larval monarch butterflies. Controlling them may adversely affect the caterpillars.