Birdbaths are "For the Birds"

A good source of fresh water will have the birds flocking to your yard! A bird has a strong need for water through every season.

Having a birdbath is an advantage to anyone who enjoys observing bird behavior.

Here are some tips for birdbath placement. Do these and birds will flock to their new “community pool!”

For kids to enjoy watching bird bathing beauties, Place a birdbath near a window. They can watch (without stressing the birds) with sheer delight as the birds frequent to enjoy the source.

The most natural spot for a bath placement is close to the ground, but water at higher levels not only appeals to some species, it reduces the bird’s threat of a cat attack.

Placing a bird bath near a tree improves security against feline agility. Plus, branches are an easily reached perch where the bird can observe its surroundings in safety.

Place a bird bath in a shady part of the yard to keep the water at a cooler, more refreshing temperature in hot weather.

To get birds accustomed to a new bird bath, place a feeder within 5ft of the bath. Birds will notice the water as they go to the feeder.

A birdbath’s water should be changed every few days to insure a fresh, clear supply.

Add a birdbath perch, or high rocks to ensure safe footing when they land.

Another way to attract birds to your provided water source is to add motion to the water. The movement of water or the noise of falling water is like a magnet to the birds. Pump-driven fountains that keep water moving have the added benefit of preventing mosquito eggs from hatching.