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Stayin’ Alive: Herbs in Summer

The majority of the culinary herbs grown—oregano, lavender, sage, and rosemary to name a few—are Mediterranean in origin. As a result, these herbs tend to be associated with everything summer: long, hot days, sweltering nights and plenty...

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Use summer to plan your fall garden

Summertime is the best time to just sit back and enjoy your garden. And while you’re at it, you can start thinking about fall gardening. Other than watering, occasional fertilizing and weed upkeep (mostly mechanically because chemicals can no...

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Herb Gardening - Grilling with Herbs

Starting an herb garden can be a new and fun experience for anyone, whether you live on a large piece of land, or you have a small porch or patio at your apartment.  You can grow herbs in the ground, in containers, in hanging baskets, or...

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Growing Citrus in South Louisiana

Louisiana is a unique part of the country. Things like crawfish, gumbo, Cajun music, swamps and alligators, and much more make this a special area. The ability to grow satsumas and other citrus trees is just one more thing that adds to the mystique of...

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Tips for Planting Your Vegetable Garden

  Chances are, if you haven’t started planting already, you’re at least thinking about getting your hands dirty. We’ve assembled a few tips for you to consider before coming in and picking up your supplies! Plan first...

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Louisiana: Vegetable Planting Calendar

Starting to plan the fall veggie garden? Or already elbows deep in it? Have you seen this handy informational sheet on planting and harvest dates from the Urban Farmer? This is a good guide to the last and first frost dates throughout the state, as...

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