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Grow an Italian Garden

  Cool season: Green Onions At the green onion stage, when the plants have produced foliage but aren’t flowering just yet, harvest every second or third plant by removing the plant, bulb and all, from the soil. The leaves can be used as scallions in flavoring or garnishing Italian dishes. The remaining onions are given

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Edibles in the Landscape

Don’t just plant a back yard veggie garden, create your landscape with edible plants! The following are just a few ideas to start with, but planning and consideration can create a beautiful landscape that is largely, or possibly even completely, edible! Many of us gardeners have a vegetable bed in the back yard, or a

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Top 10 Rules for Growing a Kitchen Garden

Growing fruits and vegetables isn’t rocket science, but it does involve science. Here are easy tips to help ensure your success in growing food in the garden. Find the Sun Most vegetables want six hours of direct sun a day — and more if they can get it. Exceptions include lettuce and radishes, which can

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Colorful Vegetables to Try in Your Garden

Add color and nutrients to your garden and plate with these colorful vegetables. One of the nice things about growing your own vegetables is the amount of variety available. No need to stick with the grocery store varieties; there is a whole world of colorful veggies to choose from. Many of these offer higher levels

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Louisiana: Vegetable Planting Calendar

Starting to plan the fall veggie garden? Or already elbows deep in it? Have you seen this handy informational sheet on planting and harvest dates from the Urban Farmer? This is a good guide to the last and first frost dates throughout the state, as well as a crop-by-crop calendar for the year. We typically

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