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5 Desk-Perfect Plant Pals

  Make your office feel more like home with some perfectly styled buddies to keep you company at your desk. If you’ve already grown a few houseplants at home and are feeling confident in your ability to keep them happy, now try adding a...

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Fertilizing Houseplants 101

Got a frazzled fern or a distressed dieffenbachia? Get tips on how and when to fertilize and find out which pantry items can be used to perk up your plants. Are your houseplants hungry? If they’ve been in the same soil for a while, they...

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Houseplants for your Health

Click here to watch owner Peter Mayeux showcase interior plants on KADN Fox 15!  Click here to watch an ABC news segment on health benefits of houseplants! Whether you have a few ficus or a dozen dracaena, you probably already know that they...

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