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Health Benefits of Houseplants: From A to Z

These houseplants don’t just sit there looking pretty— they decrease stress, remove indoor pollutants and even make us nicer. Anthurium Flowering houseplants like anthurium help decrease our stress levels, which is becoming increasingly valuable as our lives get crazier. Bromeliad Colorful bromeliads look a bit like exotic living flower arrangements. They’re perfect for offices where their colorful blooms can

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Interior Plants: Trendy & Beneficial

House plants are not only popular but are actually an important part of an interior environment. They are proven to actually take toxins like Benzene and Formaldehyde out of interior environments. NASA began looking at these things in the 80’s when they were considering life in space – as part of their research and planning

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Fabulous Ferns

Ferns add texture and interest to your home and garden, whether they mingle with other plants or stand alone as beautiful specimens. Click the names to view the plants via our Plant Finder!  Staghorn Fern Staghorn, also known as elkhorn ferns, are eye-catching when they’re mounted on a wall and grown as houseplants. In USDA

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