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What is Mycorrhizae?

It's a popular word for us around the nursery: Mycorrhizae. But, what is it? In a simple sentence: It's the good fungus.  The soil fungi penetrates growing plant root tissues, surround the root mass and extend far into the surrounding...

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Helping Grass Survive the Summer

Learn how to keep your lawn healthy when temperatures rise. As you know, here the average temperature in August exceeds 90 degrees. Some types of grass do better in high temperatures, but all are likely to suffer as the thermometer rises...

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5 Reasons Not to Mow Wet Grass

Can you mow wet grass? Many homeowners have asked themselves that very question after a gentle rain seemingly spoiled their weekend yard work plans, or after they awoke to a lawn damp from a heavy dew. Answer: It's not a good idea to cut...

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St Augustine Grass: A Deep South Favorite

In the Deep South, from Florida to central Texas, St Augustine grass is the turf of choice. It is a tropical grass being found in several countries and islands from Africa to Australia. St Augustine grass is a coarse textured grass that spreads by...

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