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Camellias for Winter Show

Camellias are one of the most popular blooming evergreens in the Southeast US, and one of our favorite winter bloomers. There are many varieties to choose from to bring showy winter interest. Camellia japonica, commonly called Camellia, is a slow ...

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10 Ways for a Winter Wonderful Garden

Nandina  In winter, your garden can look dreary. But, there’s good news! You can dress up dreary beds and borders with plants that add splashes of cold-weather color! Here are 10 easy ways to add color to your winter garden: 1. Berry ...

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What's Your Birth Month Flower?

Like gemstones, flowers can represent birthdays in each month of the year.  January: Carnation Carnations are the birth flowers for January. Different colors convey different meanings. White carnations symbolize pure love, while yellow means ...

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Poinsettia Care through Winter (and Beyond)

Click here to watch owner Peter Mayeux talk Poinsettias & Holiday Plants on KADN!  This iconic holiday plant has tropical roots. Get tips on keeping your poinsettia looking its best all year. Perhaps no flower represents the winter ...

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Unexpectedly Pretty, Useful Plants

Some useful plants have surprisingly pretty blooms. Flowering Tobacco Flowering tobacco is a great choice for gardeners who like plants that are both unusual and beautiful. While some varieties grow to 8', others can thrive in containers. The ...

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Attract Birds with Plants

  Plants Latin Name Benefits Trees Apple Malus spp. Fruit, insects; nesting cavities Ash Fraxinus spp. Seeds, insects; cover Birch Betula spp. Seeds, insects; cover Bottlebrush Callistemon ...

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