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How to Help Plants during Flood Events

With rains and potential flooding, what do you do with your plants? What do you do with your plants after the rain subsides? If you have any container gardens, move them to either the side of the house that will be most protected from the wind or a covered area. Placing them on eaves of

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Tips and Tricks for Longer Bloom Times

Keep the color going in your landscape with these easy tips. Flowers in the Landscape Adding flowering plants to the landscape is the quickest way to add visual appeal. “Planting flowers” can mean different things to different people, but no matter what type of plant they are on, everyone wants their flowers to last as

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Summer Care for Roses

Keep your roses looking good and blooming all summer with these top 3 short & sweet easy tips: Watering:  Roses LOVE water.  A good through drink every week will keep them happy.  Use a soaker hose in the rose bed to water at the base of the plant and keep the foliage and flowers dry. 

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