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Health Benefits of Houseplants: From A to Z

These houseplants don’t just sit there looking pretty— they decrease stress, remove indoor pollutants and even make us nicer. Anthurium Flowering houseplants like anthurium help decrease our stress levels, which is becoming...

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Tips for Planting Bulbs

Bulbs in Bulk- When purchasing bulbs in bulk, check the quality to make sure the bulbs are firm and not moldy or squishy. Full Sun- For hyacinths, choose a site that gets full sun, though most daffodils can tolerate part shade. Good Soil- Make...

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How to Transplant a Tree

Instead of chopping down a poorly located or overcrowded tree, transplant it to a better spot in your yard where it can be enjoyed for years to come. Tree Transplanting Overcrowding often decreases the number of nutrients plants absorb from soil....

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Why Some Trees are Deciduous

If you’re a tree, you don’t get far in life unless you have a plan. Trees have developed some pretty ingenious strategies to compete for resources, deal with threats, and adapt to change. One plan that many trees have adopted is...

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In the Zone: An Article on Plant Growing Zones

  Have you gone to a nursery to purchase a plant only to be confused by the zone indicated? Usually the zone on the label is the plant hardiness zone, but it is becoming common to include heat zones. First, let’s discuss plant...

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