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This Summer, Think Fall: Plant Pumpkins

Try planting pumpkins now- this summer! Pumpkins come in several sizes and colors, and are popular for fall decorations. The ideal time to plant pumpkin seeds is from mid-June to July 4. This should give you pumpkins by Halloween. The recommended...

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Hydrangeas 101

Hydrangeas are among the most popular of garden plants and also some of the most confusing. What color will the flowers be? How can I change colors? How can I use them for arrangements? The first step in answering these questions...

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Spring Hydrangea Guide

As spring finally awakens, there is no doubt that we will begin to see bursts of color throughout the landscape. While we are grateful for these spring flowers, we are also anxiously awaiting the return of one of our favorite blooms. The...

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In the Zone: An Article on Plant Growing Zones

  Have you gone to a nursery to purchase a plant only to be confused by the zone indicated? Usually the zone on the label is the plant hardiness zone, but it is becoming common to include heat zones. First, let’s discuss plant...

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