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Cactus Care 101

Cacti are easy to grow as long as you play by their rules. Cacti make great houseplants. They’re easy to grow because they’re tough desert dwellers that need little help from you to be healthy. No contemporary, eclectic or midcentury...

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Spring for Bougainvillea & Hibiscus

    Click here to watch the clip of owner Peter Mayeux on KADN showcasing Bougainvillea and advocating the "SuperBloom Tonic!"    We all love the tropics- the bright colors and inviting tones! Bring that feeling...

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In the Zone: An Article on Plant Growing Zones

  Have you gone to a nursery to purchase a plant only to be confused by the zone indicated? Usually the zone on the label is the plant hardiness zone, but it is becoming common to include heat zones. First, let’s discuss plant...

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