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Herb Gardening - Grilling with Herbs

Starting an herb garden can be a new and fun experience for anyone, whether you live on a large piece of land, or you have a small porch or patio at your apartment.  You can grow herbs in the ground, in containers, in hanging baskets, or...

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Banish Mosquitoes

We are all aware that mosquito bites are painful and annoying, but they can be very dangerous as well. West Nile Virus and Zika virus are two of the more well-known diseases that are transported via mosquito bites. These diseases can lead to serious...

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Shade Trees Provide Benefits in Home Landscapes

Who hasn’t thrown a mini-celebration when they scored a shaded parking space at work, school, the park, shopping mall or museum? There is nothing sweeter than coming back to a cool vehicle after going for a run, doing some afternoon shopping or...

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