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Hydretain Keeps Plants Moist Without Even Grabbing the Hose

We tour garden centers and attend horticultural conferences throughout the country to bring Acadiana the greatest and most exciting products to create garden success for you! One of the most interesting things we have found in recent years is Hydretain, which is a brand new, outside-the-box solution to plants’ water needs in summer. It actually

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Life or Death to your Plants: Summer Watering

Lots of new planting gets done every spring. Proper watering can make the difference between life and death to newly planted lawns, trees, shrubs, ground covers, and bedding and vegetable transplants during summer. Because their roots have not had time to grow out into the surrounding soil, these plants do not yet have well-established root

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To Do and Don’t When Watering

Keep your plants (and wallet) happy: Here are the top 10 dos and don’ts for efficient irrigation and resource conservation. So you think watering is a no-brainer, huh? Water for too long, and you engrave an open invitation for fungus. Water too little, and roots become shallow. Water in the evening, and insects come out

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